Friday, April 15, 2005

viva la viva voce!

watched this with bridge today. advertised as a romantic comedy. DEFINITELY not what i would define as romantic. interesting... but not a captivating storyline. about a british couple. the fat wife joining a sumo wrestling secret society to fight the prejudice and stigma of being fat, while the husband entirely convinced that his wife's new shady activities show signs that she is taken over by aliens. thought the funniest part was the nicknames of the female sumo wrestlers.
priestess sea cow, priestess woolly mammoth, priestess white jellyfish. i guess it's funny cos it kinda suits their image.
oh well.. watch it if u've nothing better to watch.
rating: 2 nachos!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

kadayanallur st.

kadayanallur st.
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in chinatown?


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Thought it was supposed to be a S03K outing with amanda, jasper and jian yang. in the end, jian yang had a hot dance date with agnes. so it was jasper and the 3 shoppaholics! the 3 girls went on a shopping spree and spent almost 200 bucks each.. oh man... i definitely cannot bear to spend so much money at once. if i ever did that, it's either i'm really down and need major retail therapy or i've suddenly become the finance minister.

so i was late... as usual. and was led into a wild goose chase. first i went to chinatown point, but they changed venue cos the food place was closed. n it was changed to lucky chinatown. i din know where it was so i crossed the road to see what's the building across. realised it was people's park complex... and lucky chinatown was actually on the same side of the road i came from. so grrrrr... in the hot sweltering weather... i climbed the overhead bridge and entered the air-conditioned lucky chinatown with much relief. only to realise there is no food place there!!!

finally realised... it was at the chinatown complex with the hawker centre at the 2nd floor, the cheap cds on the grnd floor and the wet market at the basement. good thing i know my way around chinatown. chinatown certainly brings back great memories. the austrian sausages. the cooling sweet coconut. yummy!

so we had a food feast at the hawker centre. sinfully oily fried dumplings, followed by grease laden chwee kueh and ended off with 2 huge claypots of rice! jasper with his new goatee ala pierre png look was the chief stirrer. mixing and stirring the rice so that we can have even black sauce rice. turned out great! thought we couldn't finish the huge pots of rice but the 'fan tong' me supped all the rice up so there was nothing but the chao ta crispy rice left stuck to the sides of the pot. everyone was too health conscious to eat the carcinogenic burnt rice... hahaha... medical students.

suddenly, liana came up with the idea of 'zhong ji mi ma'. oh no... bad memories. the one who guesses the chosen number has to eat up the super salty salted fish on its own!!! argh... and lynn had to remind us that eating too much salted fish causes nasopharyngeal cancer. so the record stands at
amanda -2
me -2
liana -1
lynn -1
jasper -1
hahaha... but i think jasper ate the largest last salted fish there was! so without water and rice left... he was suffering until the sweet coconut juice came to the rescue... hahaha.

guess what... i saw the lady i gave 10 bucks to at the hawker centre! she had a tall lady in tow... looked like her mother and she definitely looked healthy and well. sigh... still hoped she was telling the truth.

so we ended the day just sitting down, slacking and then strolling down kadayanallur st. if you think that's in little india..... NO! it's actually in chinatown.

i suppose lynn, jasper and liana's blog should have more interesting accounts and more photos!

chinatown.... great place....
Hospital Visit
accompanied grandma to visit the orthopedic at nuh. you see when you become a med student, you become like the bao ka liao for anything medically related. medical reports, prescriptions, medical news, you'll be asked to take a look. so thinking i'll understand better, i'm sent to be the latin/medical translator for grandma. she had a femur head replacement done due to a fall in canada and now she's complaining of pain down her anterior part of the thigh. ya so we went in and saw this malay doctor, who didn't look like a doctor, cos his dressing looked so sloppy. i thought he was a plaster maker or something, until i saw his tag- honarary fellow. well.. this fellow definitely doesn't look honarable. he was doing everything so slowly!!!! it was as if he din know anything... writing a few lines on the report was so difficult. he totally didn't know what's going on. fortunately, a bald rotund doctor came in and started doing things more professionally. immediately, he could give an initial diagnosis of the problem. no surprise... since dr w wang is a consultant. good thing we had him!

she had to go get an xray done before returning to see him again. some usher came along and said can you ask your mother to go change into the gown. i was like, 'WHAT? do i look old or does my grandma look young?' i think it's the latter. my grandma's 74 but she dyed her hair black. so with good skin she looks just in her late fifties.
so out came a toothy radiographer to bring my grandman in. renjun's sis and bro-in-law are radiographers, and he mentioned that it was a damn slack job. i could see why! you just come out, grab a patient in, zap him with some radioactive rays, develop the film and the cycle repeats. it's so brainless!!! ya so we returned with the film and waited. and waited. and waited. and waited somemore. i think in the midst of waiting, i fell into deep sleep and woke up a few times. and did anyone tell us we had to wait til all the patients are seen before it's our turn? no.... we just waited for 3 hours like fools. they should have slotted us in so that no patient has to wait like a max duration of time. and we were to see the slow malay doc again.

he took a look at the xray... didn't know what to do! wonder what does honarary fellow mean? can i get one now? he had to ask dr wang. and dr wang explained all that was going on. my grandma mentioned that i was a med student. n he said good... we can have further discussion. ya so after bladity blahs and yakkity yaks, with the malay doc giving a few insignificant comments, there was nothing we could do unless the pain was too excruciating and dr wang would have to replace the lousy canadian model.

'waive the fee.' the malay doc was like huh? 'waive the fee, you know...' and dr wang rubbed his fingers (sign for money). the malay doc gave a blank look... dr wang repeated so many times that he was pissed off, just took the form and ticked off a box and asked him to sign. such a thick skulled dr. hahaha... ya so dr wang was so nice!!! he said... relatives of professionals don't have to pay professional fees. wow!!! thanks! and i'm just a med student not even a professional yet.

so yet another adventure in the medical field.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

here's what maney lioney rabblion sent me.
a video of what some of her friends do when they're bored... so evil!
tu me manques, pourpre.

Monday, April 11, 2005

What a game!
Real Madrid vs Barcelona
loved to see the blinding run by carlos, outrunning the defender to cross for raul to slide the ball past the keeper!

norwich deserved its win against man u too! how can they win only 3 matches all season when they played this well?

as usual, any arsenal game is fun to watch. they won only by a slim margin of 1-0 vs boro cos boro packed the defence, which proved to be their downfall. having too many people in the box will only lead to more chances for deflection. as in this case, a deflection falls into the path of pires for him to fire home!!! love arsenal's flowing soccer!

so 3 games over the weekend. don't think i've watch so many soccer games in months! hope they will come to good use for tmr's soccer friendly.

sigh... my liverpool squandered its chance to go above everton by losing to man city. how low will l'pool go??? grrrr...
Went to malaysia for qingming today. had to wake up really early to reach the graveyard by 7am. as usual, i just stood by the side while the rest paid respects to my grandma and great grandma. no joss sticks for me..

well.. though i din really participate in the qingming, i did join in the firecracker lighting. my uncle sold firecrackers together with ba kwa during cny and he still had a lot of them left so he brought them along. and wow... it was fun! ok although i've never seen firecrackers live since we live in safe singapore, i wasn't too enthusiastic initially. didn't know if it was safe. heard of all the stories of ppl getting burnt and severly injured.

but dad took all the firecrackers, lined them up and kept lighted them one after another. wow.. even dad is having fun! never seen this side of him, moving round shooting the firecrackers into the sky like he's like reliving his childhood.

so i crept up apprehensively took the joss stick and tried lighting the wick. after many tries, 'boom!' the black rocket shot to the sky, reached its peak and ended its run with an even louder explosion. totally impressed! i'm actually getting first hand experience playing with firecrackers... occasionally, the rocket got stuck and exploded in the ground, giving off a shockwave that sent your skin rippling. scary... my bro almost killed someone too when his lighted rocket fell parallel to the ground. fortunately, it shot nobody but the explosion left a hole in my great grandma's grave!!!! so much for resting in peace. besides these mini black and red rockets, there was also the deafening long cny type red firecrackers hung from the tree.

wonder why everyone lights firecrackers during qingming? is there any significance? i don't know.. but i sure had fun playing with them!

Boeing Boeing
Great performance! I was highly entertained by the fast paced humorous play. it was a play about this man who lives a polygamous life, engaged to 3 beautiful air stewardess without each knowing the existence of the others. so as you would have guessed, the entire story revolves on how the man, bernard, keeps the fiancees from meeting one another. what i love most about the play was the different accents by ms SIA, ms JAL, ms CATHAY and the filipino maid. they were so authentic that they truly showed the cute manner a hong konger, a japanese, a singaporean and a filipino would speak english. jianhong and i liked the japanese and hong konger. but bridge could relate more to the singaporean cos it's so her!!! at the end of it, i'd say paying 30 bucks to be left in perpetual stitches was definitely worth it! highly recommended if u can even get tickets cos they're almost sold out!!!

so the rest of the time, just chit chatting with the 2. uninhibited crapping like in cambodia! ok la... maybe with some inhibition. ya anyway, i don't mind having another one soon. :) window shopping at raffles city was an eye opener. i've to say it's becoming my fav hangout place. wonder why i go orchard so often and totally neglected such a gem. thanks for the great time!