Saturday, May 22, 2004

came back from section field camp yesterday and it totally sucks! it was the most xiong field camp i've had. the section training was ok, quite fun doing fire movement and quick attack. but it was the ex. greensleeves which totally killed us. it is a controlled navigation exercise( followed by an instructor) and we were supposed to find 4 day check pts and 3 night ones. the freaking SAW was pissing me off because it was too long, trapping me together with the long roots of trees. the signal set is freaking heavy and causes us to get stuck in overhanging branches. and it didn't help that we have an instructor whom my entire section dislikes. ok shall not elaborate on him. *unsafe* the freaking tekong forest has so many hidden ant nests which can be activated anytime we are not careful, causing 'ant rain' to pour on us. the spiders are everywhere and the weather is so hot! had to tahan my heat rash for 3 freaking days! the feeling totally sucks. imagine the tingling feeling between pain and itch. imagine a million ants crawling on your back just beneath your skin such that you can do anything to them. imagine pins and needles prickling you. imagine red bumps on your body so dense, you thought you were born with red toad skin. even now i'm trying my best to resist the itch so badly. good thing it's getting better.

not all was bad about field camp. my section is bonding pretty well, esp. after ex. tenderfoot( uncontrolled navigation exercise). we had lots of fun 'going to holland' (hor lan), bitching about people, scolding the navigator when we seem to be lost and laughing our heads off about stuff which happened along the way. in the end, we found all our checkpts and were the 3rd section to return back to harbouring base. most impt thing is we could have fun and yet still complete our mission unlike in the other ex. when we were kept in a stranglehold and still could not finish the chkpts.

i am not looking forward to the other field camps.