Saturday, March 27, 2004

yesterday was a disappointment! the sun was blazing down on our backs and i thought 'oh man, someone's going to faint in this heat during pop.' it was so hot that cat 2 came on and we could not go onto the parade square for our last rehearsal. finally after all the sharply executed 'henta-kakis', we moved to our form up point(FUP) all ready to march in proudly. exactly at that moment, dark billowing clouds galloped across to our location. lightning flashed like a magnificent fireworks display. it seemed like perfectly normal convectional rain, which usually is just a quick downpour. i assumed we only need wait for a while, after that we can surely resume the parade. however, after only 15 min of waiting, our csm told us to remove our rifle buckles and pile up the rifles. what the hell! after all the rehearsals, the parade will not go on? i was sorely disappointed. kianleong was too. how often do we get the chance to march in the company, giving commands proudly and confidently? we rehearsed so hard, getting f so many times by ssm, going for extra henta kaki drills because we can't mark time together and in the end, we didn't have the chance to throw our jockey caps. what a sad ending for our pop. the only good thing about being a prize winner is that we get to the front of the queue to take the fast craft. i heard that my buddy only left at 2100.

24km route march was surprisingly easy. i took all necessary precautions, having learnt my lesson after the 16km one. i wore tights, a clean set of long 4, flannalite as my belt (the buckle caused some abrasion) and taped my nipples. the result: i came out of the march unscathed, with absolutely no injuries! i dunno whether it's because our field pack were dummies, stuffed with only air filled ziplock bags, but i felt that it was really easy despite the longer distance. there was sufficient rest, there was food and i wasn't tired.

to the guys who have been saying that my ocs spot has been confirmed. that's totally not true. during the pc interview, my pc told the platoon best and i that we can keep our hopes alive but not too high. so that when we fall it won't be so painful. he said the past 3 company bests, 1 went to sispec, 1 as driver and 1 as storeman and he doesn't know why. anyway although i hate tekong which is so far away from my house, i don't mind sispec. so whether ocs, sispec or even mp. i'll just accept it.

enjoy this block leave all new privates!