Saturday, December 31, 2005

I'm so going to fail.
How to study during hols? fabulous christmas n new year... :(
but i've to, i can NOT fail... why?
Cos i'm going Hong Kong after CA! oh man... never been there before...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i love every little teeny tiny itsy bitsy part of u! -a famous person

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's been a long long time!!!!
CA's over so i've more time now... although i should be catching up on the lectures which i've missed while studying for CA.
hahah... i've too much to update.. so i think i'll just have a photo blog. just comments and pictures.
BUT first... a few interesting videos!

Chinese singers.
click here
2 Chinese students who must be bored while studying... it's not that funny but rather interesting la.

Kerly's experiment
Oh man.. I never knew mentos and coke can have such a reactive effect! must remember not to eat mentos and drink coke lest i spew like a merlion.
Go see it at Ker Liang's blog or another experiment by someone else.
But Ker Liang's one better la... cos got sexy Kerly's voice... not the irritating Spangler's one. hahahah..
Mentos Fountain

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Diya's and Qingyuan's birthday

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The day we went to Brewerkz. Potent beer! Felt heady just after a few gulps of Indian Pale Ale. Have to try the food there someday... never tried before...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

i like you. do you like me?
you like me. do i like you?
he likes her. she likes him.
do they still like each other?
i like you. you like him. he likes her. she likes him. he likes you.
you like who?

relationships. how confusing it can be.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

orange specs

A Day at HPB

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i think i found the spectacles that suits me!


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mc- brush your teeth or you'll get this. :)


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mark- weisheng could pull 95pts. why i can only pull 20 pts?!!!


Originally uploaded by dehanh.
reliving childhood memories.
cow down the slide!


Originally uploaded by dehanh.
et down the slide


Originally uploaded by dehanh.
toe down the slide

Monday, October 17, 2005

Polo Good Bye

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This may be the last time I'm gonna see this car. It's been with us for 10 whole good years and still looks good as new. How special it is to my family! It served its function well, sending us to school on time and allowing us to go on our weekly family meals. When I started to drive, I loved to speed while changing the manual gear. I felt totally in control. With an open top that we seldom use due to the blazing sun and a petite size to allowing zipping into tight corners, it was unlike any other vehicle. Totally one of its kind. Doubt you can find another with such unique features and reliability anymore. You have served us well... may you find a better owner overseas should you get exported or rest in peace should you find yourself in shambles at the junkyard. We will miss you.

Volkswagen Polo

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Team B supper

Team B supper (13)
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fong seng!

Team B supper

Team B supper (17)
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post- dance ensemble supper!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

busy busy busy...
handling both FMS and IFG. Quite crazy... damn confusing since both are closely related. Keep mixing up the dates and stuff... Argh. can't wait for the day when i hand over. then i can do my own stuff. but nobody has applied for my post when the dateline for application is over. heck care la.. i'll just handover no matter what!
count down....

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

hottie hookers!

OG popeye!!!!

yiuming and lijia with high princess hats!

with 2 pretty m1s whom i dunno!

isaac the kungfu bruce lee, mark the peter pan and victor as tinkerballs... hahahah... nice dress n specs!

more pretty m1s whom i dunno.. with dick the sexy cave man!

the best dressed table!

my beloved counsellee, jerry!

posing with my wacky tablemates, krusty and robin.
Just had the Most Exciting Event Ever!
It was definitely more fun than Prom or last year's DnD. Yay... n my table won best dressed! Kudos to my group who was so sporting in dressing up in the most wacky manner. They even brought Krusty the Clown and Chewbacca into lecture today to spice the boring lecture up... hahaha... I love the M2s! They are damn funky!

Ok there is the link for part of my DnD photos. The rest will be uploaded when I've more bandwidth for my Flickr next month.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Jap Fever

Just hosted 7 Japanese medical students from Juntendo University. They came to SEA to learn about infectious diseases... so they went to Thailand for about 9 days and came to Singapore for 2 days. It was really too short cos there were just too many things to do in such a short time. So we had to improvise and make changes along the way.

I fell sick the day before they arrived. Felt the slight inflammation at the oropharynx and i knew what i was in for. URTI! (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) Shit man... somehow I always get it... and what better time to get this. crap. Usually I'll wait until it's really bad before I see a Dr, but i decided to try to get better before the Jappies came. So I chionged to UHWC but only got cough syrup and flu med, no antibiotics. Thru experience, I knew I'd never get better w/o antibiotics so at night, I decided to go to my own Dr.

So armed with my antibiotics, I though I'd get better... but it only got worse as the days progressed. Didn't help that I wouldn't get much rest.

So when the Jappies arrived at Changi Airport... we introduced ourselves to them. It definitely helped that the M3s were around cos they knew all of them. We took a group photo which was going to be developed and given to them in personalised photo frames. They look a little worn out.. cos they woke up really early (4 am)to get to the airport. Well.. no choice.. we still planned a long day for them cos there was so little time. They can rest back in Japan!

We brought them to Changi Village to try hawker food. Nasi Lemak, Wanton Mee, Rojak, Char Kway Teow, Carrot cake, Hokkien Mee. They tried it all. Oh no... just remembered that we forgot to let them try CHICKEN RICE!!!! anyway... they ate very little. we had so much food left! Just had to force myself to eat even tho i was sick. Oh and they were not too keen on spicy food. Only one of them, Yuka, could take chilli. It was then we started faking them. We told them that there were worms in Chin Chow... and they believed it. Hahaha... should have seen the expressions on their faces! They are so dramatic in a cute way...

Sentosa was a blazing oven! It was uber hot! Crazy... so we decided not to head to the beach first. We allowed them to go to Underwater World and see marine creatures which are not even native to Singapore. We just got Huimin to go with them cos there was no need for all of us to pay and see touristy places of interest. Then our organisation got a bit screwed up. After we were done, we wanted to rent a ball at sunset bay and play near there. But there was no net and we din wanna pay 5 bucks per person. So we walked here n there in the heat before finally deciding to play at the volleyball net at the other end of siloso beach near Shangri-la. By then, everyone was super thirsty and tired. tbc

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dick's Treat!

Meng Chon the funny Honkie accent guy in A Good History. Love his accent!

HIgh on Ice Cream @ Swensen's cheap $1 ice cream buffet. wacko!

I just love this toilet door sign! It's so cute!

Stole a photo on Kerliang's funky Vespa! wooo hooo! ultimate retro man...

Monday, August 15, 2005

poon @ thai express

Originally uploaded by dehanh.
met up with poon at holland v.. her 2nd last weekend here in singapore.. so sad.. she's emigrating to US so it'd be one of our last meetings forever... at least til who knows when... when we are all pot bellied and have children? sigh... we'll all miss her!
Finally uploaded the Float photos..

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Watch Out!
Float dance photos uploading soon!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lessons begin tmr! sianz.... :( i like school for the friends, cos i can see them, hang out with them and do fun stuff with them. since orientation and float prep, i didn't need lessons to see my friends so it was great. now that lessons are starting and lasting til late into the day, it means more stressful times and less fun with friends. sigh.. can't imagine the day when i graduate and sch will completely be a thing of the past. argh.... how fun sch days are. hope they will last as long as they can...

Float came to an end on Saturday. After 2 weeks of practice and building, the float and dance came together to showcase a scintillating performance. It's the first time after 6 years that Medicine has decided to build a float. Since the seniors who had the experience of float building have long graduated to become MOs and registrars... we are left on our own to build the float from scratch. Did ya know that Medicine had been winning float for years in a row in the past? Well... it certainly was not going to be easy to live up to the legacy... so we did not win. but it was an experience that was not going to be forgotten in a long time.

Float building was an uphill task. Many did not want to waste their holidays to stay in school building float. Those who did were the committee members... many of whom were from the logistics comm for Medicamp. I've to take my hats off them and salute them. They have all my respect cos they sacrificed so much... even when nobody helped, they persevered to stay late into the night sewing costumes, sawing wood and glueing cans. I don't think they had much rest. Kudos to Janice, Susan, Dave, Alvin, Chris and all who put in so much sweat, blood, tears and time into float!!

Dance prep began quite early when the ics came together to choreograph the dance. Being in Dance Blast certainly helped Qing Yuan and Liana choreo many of the hip hop moves.. Lynn helped with the stunts choreo while Amelia did the jazz/ballet moves. I only helped with stunt demo which was not significant cos many of the M1s were actually cheerleaders in the past so they definitely had much more experience than i do. Many a time, i didn't even know how to correct their mistakes. only thru trial and error that the dancer all learnt how to perfect their moves. Was really proud of them!

They did a great job on tuesday performing for the public. It was certainly a good experience as it served the purpose of Rag n Flag... Treating the public to rag performance after buying flags. An unfortunate mishap happened during one of the 3 performances. As the performance area at KKH was very small, Lynnette unfortunately got kicked in the eye by Lijia during a stunt. She left for check up and even managed to return to perform in the last performance. I really admire her spirit and professionalism.

Dance had a dramatic turn on the final night. Shan't go into details but eventually, it ended on a peaceful note. It all seemed right from a drama serial or something.. the first i've ever experienced. Hopefully, i won't ever gonna experience it again. yepz so... we put on horrible total face paint. i've got to say... the make up was totally like last year's... curly wurlies, just that the complete first paint made us look really satanic. thought the make up during the public performance was much better. Since i was the stunt man for 2 stunts, being on stage for a total of less than 30 secs, I still had to have a costume and full face make up! grrrr....

This year, fortunately for us, we were the 3rd fac to perform... so we didn't have to wait for ages in the hot sun. Also, there was a tentage with oscillating fans, so it made the wait more bearable. I couldn't see how the dance went, have to see the video to find out, but heard that it went really well!!!! Great job dancers!

Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm really proud of the float performers cos they are doing so well! All of them are doing all the moves in sync and putting so much effort into each rehearsal that i'm touched by them. It's great how in just a little more than 1 week and a few hours each day, the dancers can remember all their steps and put up such an exciting performance. Each time they rehearse, even a person with retarded psychomotor skills such as i do, feel like getting up on my feet and dancing with them. With just some fine tuning of their moves, i'm sure they can put up an interesting show for the public on 2nd Aug. Although the training is physically demanding and mentally taxing, the dancers are able to introduce smiles and laughter, thus putting the aches and fatigue at the back of their heads. That makes each session so enjoyable.

From lynnette and david's infectious laughter to lynn's mind-boggling analogies to our 'S-paper' stunts, you guys are simply hilarious. Hope all of you will be well-prepared to show everyone what you guys can achieve!

Apple Promo!
Anyone knows if there is a freshie who wants to buy an ibook or powerbook? Do tell me cos i wanna get the ipod offer! I'll be eternally grateful... Actually, I feel so cheated cos the apple notebooks are so cheap this year with much more added in. Compared to notebooks of other brands which cost more than $2400, you can get a decent apple ibook for $2000! I feel like selling my current ibook and topping up the difference to buy a new one. Anyone wants to buy my ibook? hahaha...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Woke up and resumed reading of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Oh man... I was glued to it and actually spent the whole day getting mesmerised by the adventures of Harry Potter. I was supposed to go to school to help out in the stunts but I couldn't even get myself into the bathroom to wash up or relief myself. Only when absolutely necessary did i pull away from the enthralling pages... but like an incredibly strong magnet.. it brought me back the moment i was free. His days in school seem so much fun with all the excitement over quidditch, trouble with teachers, spying and bitching about ppl and bgr. wow... but what's really sad was the death of the character. Shan't name the person lest anyone hasn't read it yet. Wonder how the story will go on... really want to see the end of Voldemort and hope it'd be a great ending to the Potter series. Actually, I've forgotten the story of the previous books as it's been too long... so when there are references to the past in this new book, I'm quite lost. Hmmm... I've always wanted to complete an entire series at one go such as watching Lord of the Rings at one go, watching star wars all at one go and now i wanna watch or read harry potter all at one go. Well... knowing me... all talk but no action. No resolve to do so. Bleargh!

Anyway... received a call from a pleasant lady at OSA! She brought good news that I've got a Type A room at PGP! Yay! Block 6 level 3 i think. She's such a darling unlike the man at OSA. I went down to OSA and filled up the 'room change' form. The guy who attended to me just told me to wait til Sep as there was nothing he could do. Thank goodness this nice lady replied my email and said she'll do all she can to help me before the 2nd week of August and if somehow she had forgotten, i should send an email to remind her. What a helpful soul! Ms Zuriah, you're the BEST!
Actually, it's when I've got Type A that I realised how expensive it is! Even with the subsidy from SAF it's still 70 bucks a week, times 18 which means 1260 a sem n about 2400 for the entire sch year! Oh man... that's painful for the wallet. Hmmm... maybe i'll save money n go to Type B in sem 2...

So with my new room, shall attempt to decorate it again. Though my creativity is severely lacking, I'm hoping to count on my trusted friends to help me do so. IKEA sale now on! so off i go to make my room habitable... shall get the frother lynn was talking about too, so i can make my own latte foam which i love so much!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Just came back from Lynn's. Had a steamboat cum surprise birthday party. Laughed non-stop til my abs ached. Oh man... how i love my friends! Oh and Lynn got me a Cannes shirt in return for lending her my haversack... Thanks fooey! ~yawnz~ Sleepy sleepy... shall blog more tmr... oh yea! Soccer vs M3s tmr... can't wait to meet up with my Wookie strike partner. Rargh!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Met up with my wonderful Popeye OG. Wah.. gotta say they're really on! organise OG outing somemore. This was after I had dinner with Andrew and Enming at Holland V last night. Since I was in camp, I couldn't join them for the movie session in the afternoon. Met them only for dinner at....... CARL'S JR!!!! YEA! Been wanting to try it after watching the paris hiltion burger ad and hearing so much about how big Carl's Jr burgers are. So I've seen them for myself today. They're as huge or a little bigger than BK's whopper. The cool thing is they've onion rings and bacon in my Double Western Bacon Cheese Burger. Wao... Just saying it is a mouthful. So I changed my fries to Chilli Cheese Fries which I din like cos I found it too salty. Other alternative changes are criss fries(waffle fries) and onion rings. Oh yes! The onion rings are real onion rings so they are large! Not mashed up onion made into equal sized small rings. So that's great. there's a large variety of other burgers and sandwiches. think i'll want to try them all!

Tze Yong saw my chilli cheese fries and decided he made a mistake of not changing his fries so he went to ask if he could do so after getting his order. The guy just told him to go back to his seat and actually gave him a box of chilli cheese fries for free! Yes the guy said it was his treat! wah... i paid more to change my fries and he actually got it for free.. the guy must hvae been gay or got charmed by tze yong. the name tag of the guy read rong so we kept teasing tze yong about him... and finally i named him tze rong. eeeee... gross if he's gay.

After chit chatting for a while, somehow someone decided to go have ice cream. (think it was sheryl) so argh!!!!!!!!! had a single fondue which proved too sweet and too 'ni' for me! stupid geisha boy aka andrew and gay boy aka tze rong refused to help me finish it. so i just had to pile on more calories! grrr.... no choice gotta go to sch to exercise or swim liao...

"If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face" -Carl's Jr

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fun Day!

darth vader
Originally uploaded by dehanh.
Woke up at 7 plus today after I knocked out the evening before at about 6 plus. Couldn't even wake up for dinner! So i was totally famished and had salami sandwich and my 'dinner'-->yummy crab beehoon at 11 am.

Met up with Zhi Jun after not seeing him for a long time. Dong is away in Malaysia fishing.. this fella keeps having new hobbies.
Anyway, ate my fav takopachi and tried macau fried pancake noodles as we chatted. When we wandered into Heeren, there were all these movie characters walking around in the atrium. I couldn't resist but take a photo with Darth Vader. Batman looked sad cos nobody wanted to take photo with him. Anakin and Obi-wan had models were looked too gay to be cool.

So after buying tickets for Bimmer, this russian movie, at cine, we decided to head down to Starbucks at Paragon to pass time until the movie begins. It was then that I met an entire group of Rafflesians outside Paragon. We were the 4th group to join them. There were Jianan, Raymond, Nic Lim, Sally, Shaun Teo, Zac Yee, Serena and Jervis! It's been such a long time since i saw time so we just stood there for so long and updated each other on our lives. It was just so exciting to chance upon such a huge group of friends in the middle of Orchard.

The group seemed like a Rafflesian magnet cos Terence and Qiuyun came along hand in hand too! It was not always that this could happen so I just had to capture the moment. Jianan and Raymond left first so they were not in the photo.

Oh and Serena reminded me how good a baker she was, and that she was gonna sell her cakes. I'm definitely gonna order from her! Oh man... she was such an angel when she surprised me with Bailey Oreo Cheese cake when I had only mentioned it casually. She makes great brownies and now supposedly tiramisu too. It's amazing how she's still so slim when she went overseas and learnt how to bake in her hotelling course.
Really hope to meet up with them again!

Bimmer was interesting in the sense that It was the first time I was watching a Russian movie. Learning about the russian culture was an eye-opener. Just seems so dangerous to live in Russian after reading about mob attacks and now watching it. Glad that I'm in safe Singapore. :)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Yoo Hoo! Fresh memories from Medicamp. Just last year, I was a camper attending a camp which my rj peers thought was too sian to go for cos you'll be seeing the same ole people. But how can I resist the opportunity to meet new people and have fun? Besides getting acquainted with the funkiest OGLs and my beloved Santiano mates, I got to let my hair down after months of training in the army. What followed Medicamp was something which I'll remember vividly, as it was the first time I was doing cheerleading and acting all cutesy and gay. argh!!!! but it was such an enjoyable time because of really wacky people who turned out to be one of my bestest friends.

This year, I'm on the other side of Medicamp, helping to organise and acting as an OGL. Having had such wonderful OGLs myself, I had high expectations of myself to give the M1s one of the best memories they will have. So began the sketching of the Popeye characters, buying of whistles, discussing with Dick and Chee Meng about activities, all just for them. Soon everything pieced together and it was a camp to remember!

Popeye was the OG which did me real proud!!!

First day, everyone was still shy and quiet. I remember cheering louder than all of them combined when we were learning cheers outside Med Library. Sentosa Amazing Race just came and went by. It wasn't really a race as nobody really bothered to rush to complete activities or get to stations. After completing 4 stations, we came in a commendable 5th. Only 1 group managed to finish 5 stations out of 6. Truthfully, I actually din find Amazing Race very exciting but the next activity was.

Having gone through the dry run, I knew certain stations were really scary and it would definitely be a fun experience for the M1s. My station suddenly had more people joining Yingci and I, which was great because scaredy cat Yingci wouldn't be so scared with increased company and it wouldn't be so boring! Barring the initial screw ups and after a few improvisations, we managed to come up with a super scary station! Kudos to Daniel for giving them the initial scare with his grotesque mask, to Lynn and Liana who really shocked the daylights out of the M1s as wandering RGS ghosts and to us, Yingci and I for playing out the story of a crazy woman seeking revenge for her facial disfigurement caused by her bf .

Many were really jumping and screaming themselves hoarse. It was amusing just to watch different reactions by different groups of M1s. If 2 guys came, they would be very brave, unwilling to show their fear to each other. 2 gals... and they would scream their heads off. A guy and girl, the guy would act the part of a fearless hero protecting the damsel in distress. The most hilarious group was the one with a guy and 1 girls. He was the lucky one with a girl in each arm comforting each one as they scream. hahahaha... take advantage. Overall, it was successful and a few M1s commented that we were good.. :)

Day 2 of Medicamp was at Aloha Loyang Chalet. I'm glad that we were last in position after Day 1, cos it seemed to be the spark which ignited the hidden fire within my OG. They became totally on fire! They won all the games and even managed to come up with new cheers at each station. They cheered with so much zest and charmed the game masters with so much fervour that we had the most points for the day! We climbed from last place in the points standings to 4th. I was totally impressed! Popeye Rocks!!!!

So to my fellow OGLs, Han Boon, Claris, Selene, LArry and Qiumei the Mole. Great Job guys! It was fun working with yuo guys and getting to know you better!

And my Popeye mates, Daniel, Teng Soon, Wee Ming, Andrew L, Andrew F, Jerry, Zhenjin, Zhong Xian, Tze Yeong, Liwei, Enming, Sheryl, Esther, Hilda, Huilin, Hon Lyn, Amanda, Nita and Aileen. Welcome to Medicine. Hope you guys had lotsa fun! Get to know each other better and live the Popeye spinach!

Monday, July 11, 2005

finally... i can blog.
wanted to the past 2 nights but i conked out in front of my com cos i was too tired after 2 whole days of windsurfing.
yea... even tho i seldom windsurfed, i still crazily signed up for the PA windsurfing competition together with bang and ivp champion, yauhong.

i went into the competition just to have fun, not expecting to win anything. but i realised having fun was not so easy in a competition at this high level, besides, i've also 'lost my face'.

well... first of all, there were these lil boys who were half my size and weight but with 10 times our skill in windsurfing. they were the youth team boys, who had their dark tanned complexion as prove to their many hours of gruelling training. all of us were beaten by little boys.

secondly, i couldn't even begin in any of the 4 races cos i couldn't cross the starting line. how embarassing! my windsurfing technique was disastrous. i kept moving parallel to the start line cos i couldn't move upwind. when i'm near the starting line, the whistle would blow, followed by the annoucement "GATE CLOSED". argh!! pissing. so while the others went on with their competition route, i practised a little on my own. i tried to stay as close as possible to the buoy so that i can immediately cross the line the moment the horn blows. pump pump pump... i just couldn't even get an arm's length close to the buoy. so i was drifted away by the current and i was too far from the start line. grrrr....

finally, i think i was too heavy. our competition could only be held in slow winds as the moment the strong wind picked up, the hardsail competition would begin. so with all of my 80 kg, the sail just couldn't get enough wind to drag me forward against the current. so it's either i lose weight or i cut holes in the other competitors sail so that they can join my in my turtle race.

it was just so frustrating and embarassing.

fortunately, when there was strong winds in the afternoon, i could take in the beautiful sight of the pro hardsail windsurfers planing across the surface of the sea. they just showed how cool it was, as they did tricks which i can only be in awe and gape about. not unless i move to the east permanently, so that i can go practise whenever i like. yea... i was totally impressed by the thais who came to compete. they were clearly way ahead of the rest in term of skill and coolness. they deserved to win.

the after windsurfing activities made up for the bad windsurfing experience. paying only 15 bucks for registration,every cent was worth it. besides 2 days of windsurfing, lunch was provided on sunday and there was also a buffet dinner which included beer..... if you thought that was all, we had a free t-shirt and i got to know a few more people. value for money! hope to learn the cool tricks and try it out for myself.

Medicamp in 2 days time!

Monday, July 04, 2005

denise keller's so hot that when i stared as i walked past her, my face reddened like a grilled well done lobster. phew... what a sight.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Samsung Platinum Lounge Official Opening

Really thankful that Jit invited to go with him to the opening cos the entire event was really cool. Walked on the red carpet leading to the lounge and immediately, we felt like celebrities. Just wished there were cameras that we can wave at and pose for. hahaha..

tbc- really sleepy now

Sunday, June 26, 2005

first there was russell peters
next mr numa numa.
now there is mr horny man! love his act... really entertaining. go watch-
batman begins was really good~! such an interesting interpretation of how he became batman. becoming a ninja first... whoo... i think this batman is the best of all the batman movies ever made. the others were jokes compared to this. used to only like spiderman n thought batman was the most uncool. my perception has now changed. can't wait for the batman vs joker movie, if there is one.

saw shan, howard and a few other guys from 'eye for a guy' on friday night. howard looks alright.. but he's short. hahaha. shan is the good looking one everyone ogles. saw chen han wei dressed up like a teen too. berms, t-shirt and a cap. really juvenile looking. an ok night... haven't gone chionging in a long time. met kong, ding , tanny, grace and a few other guys. saw leslie, lennard and kennedy too. i don't really miss chionging. i'm fine not going. it's just to meet up with people. albeit at a really unhealthy environment to do so. which is why i like gatherings like the one i just went for just now.

rj batch gathering at rj bishan campus. really nice to see friends whom i haven't met in a long time. army friends and those who went abroad. wow.. and boy do people change. more for better than worse. many i couldn't even recognise!
here are a few photos:

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Currently reading The Miracles of Santo Fico. Set in a small coastal village in Italy. Like it for the description of the beautiful scenery by the sea, quaint old houses, charming century-old hotel, small spiralling cathedral and the traditional italian pasta and wine, add these to the exciting accounts of travelling in italy by friends, really sends my heart fluttering. The desire to be there just swells! Marta, the beautiful, vivacious owner of the hotel dreamt of seeing the painting of stars against the black canvas. Well... we can see stars in Singapore too, no big deal. But it's shooting stars which we can't see cos the glare from the bright city lights just block them out. Stars die and fall all the time. Just wanna lay on my back under the vast open sky (w/o the glare) to view streaks of light formed by the deft strokes from God's paint brush. Beautiful Europe...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

deleted due to security reasons

Using the scanner to scan ma visage.
Oh yea!
was a little nervous. n every sms that came in this morning made me jump! finally, the real sms came n i passed! yea.. kerl the happy news bringer broke my morning anxiety. so phew... this is not good for the heart man. shan't try it again next year. anyone knows what books to buy for year 2? easy ones similar to baby moore?

Friday, June 17, 2005

Stop making stupid complaints!

To all who intend on making official complaints against the army, don't ever do it. cos it's most probably a stupid ridiculous complaint. Currently, doing analysis and digitising the complaints made against the medical services of army. It's interesting to read cos most are simply stupid, almost all write to MPs (even to PM, chief of defence force) and some are just poor sad and unfortunate. Can't comment much on them cos they are confidential. But what i can say is... it's pissing me off. Have to scan each and every piece of paper using a flatbed scanner and it's ok if they are genuine complaints but they are not! A chao keng guy had 60 over consultation slips just from BMT and his complaints amount to over 100 pages and we have to scan them all in brainlessly like a robot. argh!!! gonna have carpal tunnel syndrome and currently having red eyes from the hours spent in front of the com. what a bitch job!
Another day of this, and i'll go mad! Must find the loading scanner on mon!

Cambodia school hostage

When I heard that Siem Reap International School had a hostage crisis, there was a sense of familiarity. Doesn't someone I know study in an international school in cambodia? Only when the radio mentioned that there was a Singaporean boy, Ly Vung trapped in the sch, I realised who it was! It was the son of Khorn (our cambodian tour guide) and Sharonne (his Singaporean wife). When I had a bad case of diarrhea and fever, I stayed over at their house and I was touched by their hospitality! Remember Ly Vung and his sisters Melia and Dara were so adorable and loved Hi 5. Really glad he is alright after the hostage takers were caught. Relieved... hope he's not too traumatised by the incident.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I just caught a lizard with my bare hands! It scampered and i chased, but my hands were just too fast for it! hahahahaha...
just when i caught it, it decided life wasn't worth living for and said goodbye to part of its body. its tail! the lizard may be sad and frightened but its tail was certainly in ecstacy. it jumped, wriggled, and danced for 5 whole minutes before it became tired.

I decided not to heed my bro's advice of flushing mr lizard down the toilet bowl for a swim or flinging it out of the window so that it can be the world's first flying house lizard. i found a jar and placed lizzie carefully into it. yes, my sis has named it lizzie. it's so cute! to prevent it from getting too bored, i reunited him with his dancing tail. now i've to find out what does it eat.

In case you were wondering, hey it's only a detached tail. it's like cutting your fingernail off and leaving it behind to dance. no . it definitely hurts to lose its tail. at least i think it will feel pain cos i do see blood. well... that's all for tales of a lizard.

let me think over if i should name it wolfgang and throw it out of the window.

After all that howard had done, she still chose wolfgang? what in the world was she thinking?
howard may not be extremely good looking but his actions were so sweet. i would have been touched.
the funny man would could always bring laughter. the creative genius who could think of new ways to impress.
the poet who wrote a long fairy tale that rhymed. the candyman who was so sweet.
he had put in so much emotion and thought into all that he did and it's such a pity that it all went to naught.
i really hope he can find the girl of his dreams soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

AMK- the search for good food

The Search has begun. On hearing that AMK has 5 food centres, D. H. Hong has decided to take on the task of looking for food fit for a king. So together with his team, and armed with a video cam, he'll sieve out the bad and find 'thumbs up' food. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

well... live to eat seems really stupid. make your life on earth so meaningless.
so i'll go with eat to live but eat with colour.

today's food review by d. h. hong-

Soba so good.
East to West Buffet.

Soba so good.
All Jap food lovers, this is the place for you to go. A soba specialty jap restaurant. When you reach the entrance, you are greeted by a long line of patrons waiting patiently for their seat in the restaurant. Large posters showing the health benefits of eating soba and the super friendly jap manager entertains you while you wait. The overly eager manager greets everybody, thanks all who have finished their meal, keeping his torso bent at 90 degrees as you walk out, speaks in jap to the jap patrons and speaks in fluent mandarin to all the chinese.

The food comes really soon after ordering so you won't have to wait long. Their entire menu is soba based. so you can have sashimi with soba, unagi soba, tempura with soba etc. I had a set which consisted of agedashi tofu with salmon, unagi and tempura soft shell crab and vege together with cold soba. The side dishes were good but I like the cold soba best. It's so cool, light and refreshing with seaweed and crunchy fried tempura flour bits which complement it. yummy! Well, they claim that soba is very healthy and it is a carbo which will not be converted to fat so you can eat it as much as you want! yea the next time i go there, i'll just have a plate of cold soba!

dessert was soba cubes eaten with brown syrup and soy bean powder. it was very interesting cos it came with a four pronged square shaped fork and a sieve ladle. so you dip the white cubes in the syrup and then into the powder and you get a chewy muah chee like dessert. but it's not heavy and it's healthy cos there is no oil unlike in muah chee. simple but addictive.

so the verdict.
service:4 munches
quality:4 1/2 munches
ambience: 3 1/2 munches
price: 3 munches

the restaurant is located opp spageddies, basement of paragon.

East to West Buffet
The hotel where it's located is no fantastic high class restaurant. when you enter, you'd think it's a budget hotel as the lobby is dark and the layout is definitely not modern. but let not the ambience affect the spread of food available. ok let me recall from memory. it has 4 major buffet spreads- WESTERN, STEAMBOAT, BBQ and ASIAN. western includes pizza, pasta, lasgne, lamb chops, sauteed potatoes, grilled salmon, grilled tomatoes, fresh oysters, cold prawns, mussels, salad, mushroom cream grilled cheese prawns, roast beef, pork ribs etc. steamboat- din really eat steamboat cos the other food were too good. just your normal steamboat stuff then. BBQ- chicken and mutton satay, chicken wings, lamb chop, stingray, sotong, baby lobster etc. asian- tempura, sashimi, nasi lemak, laksa, satay beehoon, crab, fried noodles, roast duck, roast pork, roast chicken etc. and for the sweet tooth there are choc eclair, ice cream, ice kachang, cakes, kuehs, bread and butter pudding, brownies and fruits. well ok not everything was fantastic, the pizza was terrible, pasta not very nice and the stingray tasted like ammonia. but the others more than made up for it. definitely worth your money.

service: 3 munches
quality:3 1/2 munches
ambience: 2 munches
price: 2 munches (about 32 bucks)

it's located at garden hotel at balmoral rd.

sorry no photos. forgot to bring it today. til the next food review.
d. h. hong out.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Exams are over for now. But i dunno what to do. anything interesting i should take up?

Went to camp today, after the study break i took. Thought i had enough of sitting down, getting bum sores from all the studying. but my officers had nothing for us, jit and i. did some nonsense statistic powerpoint, explored a bit of excel. then we had nothing to do! so listened to jit talk about the crappy things he does like taking up an online course by some dubious (which he claims) universal life church and getting himself ordained as a priest. So if anybody needs someone to do marriage ceremonies or excorcism (yes, chasing ghosts away!), go look for jit. he also found out that he could buy himself a phd and get conferred a royal british title like count or duke for just £300. hahaha... things people do to pass time.

and speaking about passing time. time passed sooooo slowly today. after lunch, decided we shouldn't be chatting in front of the doctors while they worked so we planted ourselves in the library. thought we would be uprooted to do some work, but hours passed w/o hearing anything from the officers. most people would be happy to just slack, but i was itching to do something useful. you know, just get out to do something, run, move my body, anything. so just read my book til i was tired. took a nap til my body was sore. then went online til the library closed and it was time to knock off. wow... and nothing interesting planned after work. so just eat, watch tv and get fat. hope tmrw will be better.
YOOHOO! I'm back!

watching LOST now. gotta say it's quite exciting. the lead actor is a doctor. totally calm, professional, intelligent and cool.
shit man. what is that thing? a dinosaur? plane crash one thing. man eating monster another. what's next?!!!!

niwae... been studying for supps. gotta say supps was totally uackukablea! ok i knew more stuff cos i actually studied more this time but the questions were not that easy. most can be found in the notes but not so straight forward. a couple had less definite answers and one totally not found in the notes. so all of us just left that 10 marks question blank. RNAi. siRNA. can't believe they tested us on something that was mentioned in a video in lt but not in the notes. they actually set a more difficult paper for us! from the way i see things are going, it's as if they want all of us to repeat the year or get out of sch. now.. as heard from prof jeya, supposedly even those who pass will have to go for viva next week. sigh.. really hope we don't have to. for now, i'll just not think about it and be optimistic!

seem to have isolated myself from the rest of the world so much that i feel so lost now. didn't know what to do after my paper. fortunately, chanced upon the m2s playing floorball. alas, my lungs had to give up on me. couldn't even last 10 minutes of running. breathlessness due to narrowing and blockage by phlegm. anyone got a cure besides inhalers?
finally saw the married med couple. asrie was one of the m2s playing and he was the best. he ran and changed direction so fast yet the ball stayed close to his stick like it was glued. his shots were accurate and deadly too. hmmm.. maybe my sports comm can include floorball in the next intra fac but ban asrie from playing? haha...

then got a lift from janice the reckless to town. whoa... never have i been a passenger of a reckless female driver. she's even more hiong than the craziest driver i know-dong. hahaha.. speeding, changing lanes so quickly, making an old lady cross the zebra crossing so fast by driving close to her. only a keen mind, quick reflexes and pure guts can allow you to do that. that is definitely not me. i'm a hum chee driver. hahaha

so walked around in town alone. quite sian this gss. din see anything i need or what. except for 1 thing which i planned to get if i pass my supp. but that shall remain a secret. yea ate at some pasta bar in taka which wasn't too good. n home. wow... what a great way to celebrate the end of supp. or maybe cos there is the impending viva or repeating of year 1. we'll see... we'll see.

LOST just ended. will surely watch next week's episode.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Koh Tao. Fay's 21st. MUNUS. Meeting with Dean. what exciting events. just no mood to raconter.
supp in exactly 2 weeks. progress not too good. congested airway is making me breathless. sleeping alot.
attachment at hq ams begins next wed. hopefully, i'll have time to study if it was as slack as last year.
no more bad passes for me!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yay!!! I've passed my driving. Finally. Was so nervous that my left leg went into spasmodic contraction which I had no control of. Almost couldn't do half clutch in the circuit. Fortunately, circuit came and went without any problems. Thought my driving on the road was quite ok except for the last part when I stalled just before turning into the driving centre. Still, I managed to accumulate 14 demerit points. Oh well, a pass is a pass. Shall be able to drive the volkswagen polo til its 10 yr life expires this year. So supper anyone?

Damn irritated my ibook is down. Good thing I firewired my documents to Liana's powerbook before my dad sent it to the service centre. Gave me a shock. Shall have to get an ipod to back up my documents then. Was hoping the battery life would improve or the price would drop before i get it. This scare only means I've to get it soon.

Sick Sick Sick. A bug is flying around! My dad, mum, sis and I are all having the same symptoms of sore inflamed throat and cough. Am trying to fight it with listerine instead of going to see the doc. Must get well before MUNUS!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Just came back today. Quite lazy last few days at Koh Tao. But still fun. Going for Fay's birthday dinner now. So Thailand details will have to wait.

denise> do i still have to go hk? realised my bank account is running low. n need to save up for europe next year. is gal ok with being the only guy? i'm sure it'll be ok u know....

Monday, May 09, 2005

9 May

Advanced Open Diving Course starts today! We get to choose 3 specialties and have 2 compulsory ones namely, navigation and deep diving. All of us chose peak buoyancy, and night dive as our options. The last one, there were variations. Dick, Greg (from Scotland) and I chose photography, while bang, yauhong, renjun chose naturalis (looking at fish and identifying them, and jasper chose multi level computer(learning how to use diving computer).

Off we went for the first 2 dives today. The water looked calm today so... phew. But i still took 2 seasick pills just in case. Suddenly, the boatman shouted, 'strong wind and wave 30 minute.' There, far in the horizon, we could seen a stretch of dark clouds creeping towards us. OH no... bad weather again. Strong winds, pouring rain. we were all freezing! Fortunately, it passed as quickly as it came. So we had nice clear waters once again.

We learnt how to control buoyancy just by breathing, so we can hover just above the corals or ground without touching them. There was also the upside down hover so that our head was just a few centimetres above the ground. That was quite challenging. Bang had some trouble and he kept banging his head on the sea floor.

Besides learning how to control buoyancy and navigation, Jasper and I also had a great day. We saw parrot fish, grouper, butterfly fish, puffer fish, barracudas, and other commmon small fish. Yoo hoo!!! Best day. THe other day I saw a really small octopus under a rock. I still hope to see a trigger fish and the one every divers yearns to see- the gigantic whale shark. THere have been many sightings, but we haven't seen them yet. Hope we can see them on our final few dives tommorow.

3 dives tmr- deep dive where we go to 30m, photography dive where I learn to take the best shots and the night dive. I'm beginning to love Koh Tao. I feel so at home here. We know all the shops, we recognise everybody, we love planet scuba and the people there, we love yang's kitchen where we have cheap and good meals, and best of all we get to see beautiful people, fish and scenery. Man... can I not leave this place, cos it'll only mean i've to get back to studying...

well... i'll just enjoy my final 3 dives and shopping.

Nitrox Addict
8 May
Whoa finally got my open water diving certification. So I'm a qualified diver now! But it was not easy getting it. For our final 2 dives, we went out to the southwest pinnacle. The waters were quite choppy, but I've never been seasick even when I was on Uncle Gerard's boat, so I refused the seasick pills. Shit man... when we were a bout to go in, I felt totally terrible. Deep under at 18m, I had a little difficulty breathing, so I was concentrating more on breathing than looking at the beautiful surroundings. Not surprising, I used up my air relatively quickly.

After surfacing and putting down the gear on the boat, I felt so sick that I threw up my morning's breakfast of chilli burger and milk and the 1 seasick pill. My chest felt much better and I took another 2 more yellow pills. So the all energetic team singapore was totally down yesterday. Renjun, Dick and I were all just lying on the sundeck. All pale and green.

The second dive was at white rock, another location where it was shallower and less choppy. Managed to enjoy the aquatic flora and fauna better. If fact, we had quite a bit of fun by posing in front of the video cam with sunglasses on. So we had a funny video clip of our final 2 dives. Shall post a short clip online if I can.

We celebrated on our becoming qualified divers by doing what we haven't done in a long long time. Arubang! and it was caught on video! Wonderful, Bang enjoyed it so much... hahaha

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hello from Koh Tao Island Thailand!
Went for my first confined dive underwater today. It was really fun learning all the skills underwater. Water's really clear like the blue swimming pool, only that this pool has lotsa fish swimming around. Had a little panic in the begin when i wasn't used to breathing air from my regulator. Felt like I was having asthma and so wanted to give up and go to the surface. Fortunately I didn't give up. Super super fun! Can't wait for the ACTUAL DIVES 1 and 2 tomorrow. Heard that they saw stingrays yesterday and there have been whale sharks sightings everyday. Really hope we can see them! Well... off to study for my final dive exam now. Phew... the heat's killing me. I've been sweating all day. Even after a nice cold shower.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Thailand. Ko Tao. Bangkok. Thailand. Ko Tao. Bangkok. Thailand. Ko Tao. Bangkok.
Eat. Shop. Dive. Relax. Can't wait!
Now that it's over. I wanna say thanks to all my friends and my family! I think this birthday has been crazy!!!! Lots of eating. Hanging out. And.... I've never received so many pressies in my life! Not even at Christmas when i was young did i receive so many... Thanks for muthu's curry. Thnx for tiramisu cake. Thanks for Island creamery choc ice cream cake. Thanks for the thailand trip dad! Thanks for seafood at JB! Thanks for gay purple shirt. Thanks dee for sesame street minis with one and only 1 bert. Thanks for the monkey shirt dick. thanks for incy wincy spider tarantula dong n zj. n thanks for whatever u have for me kerl. hmmm... did i miss anything else? guess not... yay! now it's a happy birthday!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Heavy load off my chest. Whirlpool out of my system. One bug swatted. One more to kill. Not before I run away first. To Thailand! Can't wait. Then I come back. With renewed strength. To give the last bug one forceful whack!
Ever thought why things BUG you? Why is it BUG? Do they irritate you, scare you, pester you, freak you, disturb you, simply piss you off like BUGS do? Does it help when you have more than one BUG? grrrrr.... if only things were as easy as taking the rolled newspaper and smacking them so that they become flattened and squished and stop BUGGING you. BUG off!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thanks everyone for the birthday celebration in JB. Really appreciate it. Thanks for the treat, the delicious food, the gifts, the party sprays, the cake and most importantly the company. Never felt so loved since.... last week. hahaha. Amazing to have met such great friends. Thanks jianhong, ET, cow, sel, jasper, jianbang, yijun, renjun, hb, toh han, diya, victor, daniel, wenxian and huang yi. Love you guys!

Monday, April 25, 2005

23rd Avril
These 2 days I've been moody and cranky. Not sure why, lack of sleep? Birthday Blues?
I dunno. Woke up really late on 23rd, as usual turned on com and wasted time. After much procrastination, thought out what I wanted to do for the day and set out. 1st, swimming. 30 laps of slow swimming. So slow everyone just swims past you. No goggles, so eyes smarted. Dry and irritated. Yes irritated for unknown reasons like I am. Was cranky towards mum, wanted to go town and drink latte(my new fav drink, love the froth). Planned got screwed up when mum wanted me to go home to cut cake. ok... gave in. wanted to go subway and have a healthy salad. Mum 'da baoed' rice from me at ngee ann poly. grrrrr!!!!

Came home, dad tapped me on the head. I dunno if it was meant to be affectionate or what. but i became pissed off. so i just threw everything i was carrying onto the ground and kicked it. din really throw a tantrum. at least it wasn't too obvious. dad gave me my birthday present and mum brought out my cake. got the biggest birthday gift ever!!!! he's sponsoring my thailand diving trip.... woooooo! and ate the choc ice cream cake from serene centre. and it was mood lifting and sweet! felt much better after. Was so full at 3pm, how were we to eat buffet at 6? so told mum to change it to 7.

Got a ride from mum to orchard. Saw fiona xie!!!! She and chew chor meng were taking a break from shooting a variety show i think. Having ice cream bread. Fiona's really pretty and this time she put less make up so not too hideous. I just stood and stared at her and she caught me staring. Shit... Wandered round looking for a place to sit down, have my latte and do some MUNUS work on my laptop. but everywhere was so crowded!

Grrrr.... hate this post. It's gonna become like a timetable for the day. Shall just summarise everything.
Found a seat at Starbucks Paragon. Saw Dennis Yee and Chengxun. Went to have thai buffet with family at Safra Club. Was greeted by a woman with a man's voice. Whoa... really authentic thai place. Haha.. There was not one but a few transie waitresses. Food was bad! Knowing me... I'm always ok with food. As long as it's edible. But the food was no way good! The only decent one was Paad Thai. The fried tung hoon, reminded me of the one i fried in cambodia. Spicy, black and crappy. Even i think I fried a little better that. Basil restaurant at Safra Club... definitely a place never to go!

Met up with Dong and Zhi-jun. Slacked around at Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. Love the relaxing ambience at TCC. Bean bags, sitting on the floor, paintings on the walls, arty fashion magazines for reading pleasure. Fabulous!

day after
really bad. slept like really late, near 5? so couldn't wake up in time for church. had to rush. went to church and was so sleepy, i kept nodding off. argh.... so guilty. next week, i'm going early and listen attentively!!!

cow's parents were so happy to see me. the half son is finally back! yea... so i just chatted for a while, kept awake by the black coffee. the next moment, i'm home and conked out on my parents bed. supposed to go rj and meet the guys for a game of touch. ended up waking up late and cranky once again.

my mum had bought tickets for a void deck party w/o informing us. only told us last min. grrrr... so i went downstairs... totally stone and unresponsive. refused to get food myself. mum got some popiah for me and it was horrible! the skin was so dry.... after eating nice good popiah skin bought from popiah skin stalls i refuse to accept any other. the disappointing popiah and salad made me so pissed, i decided to go back up. packed my bag for touch and ultimate frisbee.

the guys left rj by the time i got there. so met jianhong and bridgette for ultimate frisbee at bishan park. chanced upon kaiyi and my bmt platoon mate at the clinic as well. what a surprise! so we flicked our wrist, learnt the techniques of shooting the flying disc, the rules of game and tactics. Think it was the most fun I've had in 2 days! Adrenaline rush! Learnt how to throw a frisbee before and was in foxtrot wing frisbee team for ocs carnival before i disrupted. so i had no problem integrating into the game fast. The players are so good! really envious. they're asking all of us to sign up for a league and join the ultimate frisbee community. i dun mind... but i'll have to see. need to spare time to study for supp too. yep anyway... hope tmr will be a good day!

Friday, April 22, 2005

muthu food

muthu food
Originally uploaded by dehanh.
yummy muthu's curry!

@ isaac's

@ isaac's
Originally uploaded by dehanh.
sticky and me!

april babies

april babies
Originally uploaded by dehanh.
happy birthday!

indian trio

indian trio
Originally uploaded by dehanh.
i love this curtain!!!

mayahee mayahoo

mayahee mayahoo
Originally uploaded by dehanh.
crazy people doing the fat man dance!

guess who?

guess who?
Originally uploaded by dehanh.
guess who is in this photo!!!!
good ole sec 1 days.
April babies
Happy belated birthday isaac! happy birthday liana!

Was a little apprehensive about going to muthu's curry. Celebrate birthday by eating indian food? Not my idea of a nice meal. Rich, horrible tasting, spicy, weird, yoghurty, curry indian food. eeewww. Still, we went ahead and marched on to muthu's.
A very modern, indian ambience. No weird coconut oil smell or other fragrance. Hmmm... ok so it looks fine. Huge spread of food with a myriad of colours. Red, green, white, yellow, orange, how colourful! So we took a long time choosing our food, confused by the names and colour.
Argh... brain not working already. Stomach filled with gas now. Can't describe properly. So all i shall say is, do not have preconceived biased ideas before experiencing it yourself.
Muthu's Curry Rating: 4 stars!!!
Great tasting indian food. Not too spicy. No weird, uncomfortable taste. Not too rich. Lovely Kashmir Naan. Loved my masala chicken. Even the most unusual dish- cheese cubes with spinach tasted not too bad. quite nice actually. free flow of briyani rice and papadum. Good service. Short of the full marks cos it's not exactly very cheap, most probably due to the place being newly renovated. And.... i'm having lotsa gas and a hot burning ass now! Still.. definitely worth the trouble! :)

Isaac's House
Heard so much about isaac's animal palace. Finally been there! He should hold educational tours for animal enthusiasts and be allowed to keep more than insects. Heard he used to have many other animals including tarantulas and scorpions, but some ass person complained to AVA or something and now they're no more. It's not like he tortures them, he knows all the species names, what they eat, where they're found and how they live. Just animal enthusiasts taking good care of animals. Oh well, i hope he can keep more. So i got my first hand experience with so many species of stick insects, leaf insects and fruit trees. Learnt alot from isaac. The stick insects are so cute!!! They hang and sway from side to side. They may look menacing with such long legs, but they're actually very tame. Such beautiful creatures with the features of their environment for convincing camouflage.

Besides the educational tour, we had birthday tiramisu made by lynn! how sweet of her to make it for us! as with all cakes and birthdays, cake smashing is always involved. target:liana koe smasher:zhongyang cameraman:wayne
hahaha... great video taken. would like to post it up, but it's too large a file. besides the wonderful cake smashing, there was even a cake attack on the cameraman by liana caught live on video. totally like blair witch!!! good thing i managed to escape from the cake smashers by protecting myself with cushions. wonderful birthday session ended by adjourning to lynn's house! On to lynn's....

Lynn's Abode
Beautifully painted room. Pink and Orange. Great combination. Absolutely delightful long study table extending the entire length of the room. I love long huge tables! A pity the table I have at PGP now is like 1/20 of the size. :( So spent the time looking through photos of young lynn and her friends and family. Watched funny videos of us taken at various other occasions too. laughed our asses off. went to daniel's blog to watch the mayahee fat man dance. Oh man, the song is playing in my head! ear worm.... go check it out- Mayahee So we were wondering... people are just damn boh liao taking funny videos of themselves and posting them online. Go look at the number of crap, hilarious videos found at Crazy people with nothing better to do! Then... just as we about to leave lynn's house, one of us suggested videoing us dance like the fat man. argh... we've become the boh liao ppl. Totally hilarious fat man dance done by all of us in unison! At the end of it we were totally exhausted! It was fun! hahahaha... too bad the video's 30 mb and too large to post online. ok here's a small 9s clip from the video we took... not sure if i've enough bandwidth left for this month...

yay! wonder what's in stored for me this sat. quiet time or exciting time? i'll think about it....

thanks isaac, liana, lynn, zhongyang, daniel, caroline, amanda and wayne for the fun filled day!
Photos from today!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

oh man... really exhausted today.
out the entire day. but it was fun!
beach rd. golden mile. coach. kl. bangkok. cheap. tiong bahru. mini cornettos. zhong ji mi ma. little boy. clarke quay. cool. hammock. photos. singapore film festival. eye opener. sleepy.

too tired to narrate story.

good night.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

great bbq we had last night at eusoff! one of the most successful ones. good food- nicely marinated unburnt wings, grilled hamburgers and cheese, and juiciest juicy sotong balls.
little left overs. fun people.
yoo hoo!

links to photos on the right. or here.

advertisement for the juicy jianhong brand sotong balls. YUM. SLURP.
it's 7.8mb so it might take a little long to load.

darren's bbq pit

darren's bbq pit
Originally uploaded by dehanh.

yummy food prepared!!!

yummy food prepared!!!
Originally uploaded by dehanh.

t(h)ong gals

t(h)ong gals
Originally uploaded by dehanh.

renjun- Professional bbq setter

renjun- Professional bbq setter
Originally uploaded by dehanh.

ying en- chicken poser

ying en- chicken poser
Originally uploaded by dehanh.

violet- resident chicken masseuse

violet- resident chicken masseuse
Originally uploaded by dehanh.

me- garlic shallot dicer

me- garlic shallot dicer
Originally uploaded by dehanh.

darren- the wing dislocater

darren- the wing dislocater
Originally uploaded by dehanh.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I've not been more sure that i'll get viva and i did.
Now, I'm even more sure that it'll be sup.
i was beleaguered..
started with why didn't i do well?
then came down syndrome. shit why didn't i confirm the answer for that. thought i was right. turned out i was wrong.
started on the wrong note. and went downhill all the way.
sorry. i dunno. sorry. i dunno. think i said it so many times.
could ans the other questions related to the paper. then they asked more in depth stuff. gone case. sigh... i could answer the questions posed to sam and cheng yu. i studied for those! know them back of my hand! but they didn't ask me.
once u trip on the first one.. they know your weak point and capitalise on it. they made sure there is no recovering. at least for me.
so how do u study?
so u conc on physio and anat?
did u have enough time in the exam?
why are your ans so superficial in the paper?
how long before u knew u had vivas?
why didn't u prepare for this interview?

so encouraging...
well... guess it's no harm studying again to know my stuff better.
just sian and horrible when everyone's having fun.

huo bu dan xing.
wish things would pick up and become better.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Thanks for all the encouragement!
I can do it! I know my stuff!!!!
ok feel so motivated to go back to my books now.
must impress.

Friday, April 15, 2005

viva la viva voce!

watched this with bridge today. advertised as a romantic comedy. DEFINITELY not what i would define as romantic. interesting... but not a captivating storyline. about a british couple. the fat wife joining a sumo wrestling secret society to fight the prejudice and stigma of being fat, while the husband entirely convinced that his wife's new shady activities show signs that she is taken over by aliens. thought the funniest part was the nicknames of the female sumo wrestlers.
priestess sea cow, priestess woolly mammoth, priestess white jellyfish. i guess it's funny cos it kinda suits their image.
oh well.. watch it if u've nothing better to watch.
rating: 2 nachos!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

kadayanallur st.

kadayanallur st.
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in chinatown?