Wednesday, November 10, 2004

hey check out the links in the 'mes photos' section.
just uploaded a few.

oh get well soon rabblion!

anyone wants to go backpacking in europe next year?
i've to plan early cos i only have the 1st month as holiday. the 2 months before school starts it'll be attachments at hqmc.
we've to fit around the funny open book exam which is right smack in the middle of may. so anyone interested?
france and england will highly confirmed destinations. how about spain too?
think i'm getting my mood for studying back! Merci Dieu! although it's still quite slow. was very motivated to study, so when yahu hong suggested camping overnight at yih to study, i agreed immediately. somehow i wasn't sleepy when i was studying though there was a point when i felt really sian staring at the testis, scrotum and penis. yau hong on the other hand, kept dozing off, therefore we decided to sup at munchie monkey's.

my first time there and i'm amazed at the menu they serve. Related to the spageddies restaurant, it serves pasta, pizza, alochol and even escargot!!! i must try the escargot someday. ya so yau hong had to vienna's hotdog, while i was contented with my tuna and cheese foccacia. i would have very much preferred it to be mushroom and cheese foccacia, but tuna did just fine. the indian guy who served us looked really scary as he was quite big, had a beard(or moustache can't remember) and golden earrings. his voice was low and rough too, giving the impression of a gangster. in the end, he turned out to be quite friendly. when yau hong and i were brushing our teeth in the morning, he actually chatted with us. so one cannot judge someone too quickly!

we decided to take a hour nap and se lever at 4.15. but you know once we planted our heads on the sofa, it was over... the alarm couldn't wake us up. so we ended waking up 4 hours later and it was time to leave for lecture. what a night of studying!

word of advice: if you want to study at yih, make sure you bring more than a jacket. you need 2!!! wear pants if you can too cos they are out to freeZe you while you are mugging.

Monday, November 08, 2004

went to church today after absenting myself for months. it always feels good to be in the church. you'll feel calm, relaxed and your thoughts become clearer. however, i couldn't keep awake during the entire duration of the sermon. feel quite bad after. as usual, i don't know anybody in the church. so when my uncle talks to his many friends, i'd just stand in one corner or just let myself wander to look at the notice boards. danny's the only person i know there but he has his own group of youth fellowship friends so i'm often by myself. i'm thinking of finding another church. maybe i'll pop by to daniel's church soon since it's similar to my present conservative, fundamental one.

these days i'll reverting back to my introverted self. rugby changed me in the sense that i became louder and a little more 'wild'. now i'm inclined to just sit down at a table and not talk to my friends. i'll keep really quiet and just listen their crapping and jokes. of course i'll laugh along and comment here and there but i don't engage myself wholeheartedly in the conversation. another phase of life?

totally didn't do any work this weekend as usual. planned to finish tutorial and pbl but ended up sleeping the entire afternoon. very shiok! think i better get down to some work before je dors.

i think the best thing that happened today was the lunch treat from my brother. we lunched at an indonesian restaurant at bukit timah plaza which had a la carte buffet. the rendang, chilli sotong and fried ginger chicken were delicious! i think the best was the crispy golden chicken. it was so good that we ordered 3 baskets of it! i couldn't get enough of it. oh no i should have taken a photo of it!

my life needs some rejuvenation.

enculer! i just scratched my camera. there's a deep scratch on the front now. Salaud! L'oignon!