Saturday, July 16, 2005

Yoo Hoo! Fresh memories from Medicamp. Just last year, I was a camper attending a camp which my rj peers thought was too sian to go for cos you'll be seeing the same ole people. But how can I resist the opportunity to meet new people and have fun? Besides getting acquainted with the funkiest OGLs and my beloved Santiano mates, I got to let my hair down after months of training in the army. What followed Medicamp was something which I'll remember vividly, as it was the first time I was doing cheerleading and acting all cutesy and gay. argh!!!! but it was such an enjoyable time because of really wacky people who turned out to be one of my bestest friends.

This year, I'm on the other side of Medicamp, helping to organise and acting as an OGL. Having had such wonderful OGLs myself, I had high expectations of myself to give the M1s one of the best memories they will have. So began the sketching of the Popeye characters, buying of whistles, discussing with Dick and Chee Meng about activities, all just for them. Soon everything pieced together and it was a camp to remember!

Popeye was the OG which did me real proud!!!

First day, everyone was still shy and quiet. I remember cheering louder than all of them combined when we were learning cheers outside Med Library. Sentosa Amazing Race just came and went by. It wasn't really a race as nobody really bothered to rush to complete activities or get to stations. After completing 4 stations, we came in a commendable 5th. Only 1 group managed to finish 5 stations out of 6. Truthfully, I actually din find Amazing Race very exciting but the next activity was.

Having gone through the dry run, I knew certain stations were really scary and it would definitely be a fun experience for the M1s. My station suddenly had more people joining Yingci and I, which was great because scaredy cat Yingci wouldn't be so scared with increased company and it wouldn't be so boring! Barring the initial screw ups and after a few improvisations, we managed to come up with a super scary station! Kudos to Daniel for giving them the initial scare with his grotesque mask, to Lynn and Liana who really shocked the daylights out of the M1s as wandering RGS ghosts and to us, Yingci and I for playing out the story of a crazy woman seeking revenge for her facial disfigurement caused by her bf .

Many were really jumping and screaming themselves hoarse. It was amusing just to watch different reactions by different groups of M1s. If 2 guys came, they would be very brave, unwilling to show their fear to each other. 2 gals... and they would scream their heads off. A guy and girl, the guy would act the part of a fearless hero protecting the damsel in distress. The most hilarious group was the one with a guy and 1 girls. He was the lucky one with a girl in each arm comforting each one as they scream. hahahaha... take advantage. Overall, it was successful and a few M1s commented that we were good.. :)

Day 2 of Medicamp was at Aloha Loyang Chalet. I'm glad that we were last in position after Day 1, cos it seemed to be the spark which ignited the hidden fire within my OG. They became totally on fire! They won all the games and even managed to come up with new cheers at each station. They cheered with so much zest and charmed the game masters with so much fervour that we had the most points for the day! We climbed from last place in the points standings to 4th. I was totally impressed! Popeye Rocks!!!!

So to my fellow OGLs, Han Boon, Claris, Selene, LArry and Qiumei the Mole. Great Job guys! It was fun working with yuo guys and getting to know you better!

And my Popeye mates, Daniel, Teng Soon, Wee Ming, Andrew L, Andrew F, Jerry, Zhenjin, Zhong Xian, Tze Yeong, Liwei, Enming, Sheryl, Esther, Hilda, Huilin, Hon Lyn, Amanda, Nita and Aileen. Welcome to Medicine. Hope you guys had lotsa fun! Get to know each other better and live the Popeye spinach!

Monday, July 11, 2005

finally... i can blog.
wanted to the past 2 nights but i conked out in front of my com cos i was too tired after 2 whole days of windsurfing.
yea... even tho i seldom windsurfed, i still crazily signed up for the PA windsurfing competition together with bang and ivp champion, yauhong.

i went into the competition just to have fun, not expecting to win anything. but i realised having fun was not so easy in a competition at this high level, besides, i've also 'lost my face'.

well... first of all, there were these lil boys who were half my size and weight but with 10 times our skill in windsurfing. they were the youth team boys, who had their dark tanned complexion as prove to their many hours of gruelling training. all of us were beaten by little boys.

secondly, i couldn't even begin in any of the 4 races cos i couldn't cross the starting line. how embarassing! my windsurfing technique was disastrous. i kept moving parallel to the start line cos i couldn't move upwind. when i'm near the starting line, the whistle would blow, followed by the annoucement "GATE CLOSED". argh!! pissing. so while the others went on with their competition route, i practised a little on my own. i tried to stay as close as possible to the buoy so that i can immediately cross the line the moment the horn blows. pump pump pump... i just couldn't even get an arm's length close to the buoy. so i was drifted away by the current and i was too far from the start line. grrrr....

finally, i think i was too heavy. our competition could only be held in slow winds as the moment the strong wind picked up, the hardsail competition would begin. so with all of my 80 kg, the sail just couldn't get enough wind to drag me forward against the current. so it's either i lose weight or i cut holes in the other competitors sail so that they can join my in my turtle race.

it was just so frustrating and embarassing.

fortunately, when there was strong winds in the afternoon, i could take in the beautiful sight of the pro hardsail windsurfers planing across the surface of the sea. they just showed how cool it was, as they did tricks which i can only be in awe and gape about. not unless i move to the east permanently, so that i can go practise whenever i like. yea... i was totally impressed by the thais who came to compete. they were clearly way ahead of the rest in term of skill and coolness. they deserved to win.

the after windsurfing activities made up for the bad windsurfing experience. paying only 15 bucks for registration,every cent was worth it. besides 2 days of windsurfing, lunch was provided on sunday and there was also a buffet dinner which included beer..... if you thought that was all, we had a free t-shirt and i got to know a few more people. value for money! hope to learn the cool tricks and try it out for myself.

Medicamp in 2 days time!