Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's been a long long time!!!!
CA's over so i've more time now... although i should be catching up on the lectures which i've missed while studying for CA.
hahah... i've too much to update.. so i think i'll just have a photo blog. just comments and pictures.
BUT first... a few interesting videos!

Chinese singers.
click here
2 Chinese students who must be bored while studying... it's not that funny but rather interesting la.

Kerly's experiment
Oh man.. I never knew mentos and coke can have such a reactive effect! must remember not to eat mentos and drink coke lest i spew like a merlion.
Go see it at Ker Liang's blog or another experiment by someone else.
But Ker Liang's one better la... cos got sexy Kerly's voice... not the irritating Spangler's one. hahahah..
Mentos Fountain