Saturday, March 05, 2005

Difficult Fasting

2 days ago, wanted to discipline myself by fasting and praying but it was no easy experience. once every so often, liana and jirong will say that they are fasting. Now i truly know how difficult it is. I realised that usually in between meals, i would have snacks or pop candies into my mouth to tide me through. So during the fasting period, I kept thinking about food! My mouth was itching for something to put into it. Had to suppress it a little by drinking lots of water. Cephalic phase of GIT kept kicking in and gastric juices churned and swished in my empty stomach. I couldn't concentrate on studying at all! Wow.. if after missing 1 meal, i can feel like this, what about those who have no food elsewhere? So thank God for the bountiful food i have to make me this big. Should try it again with more prayer, to remind me how fortunate i am!

SEL= salt in french

Irritating salty qy really pissed me off! Had my dinner at coffee grounds and he added salt to my funghi soup w/o my knowledge! Drank it happily while i was engrossed in conversation. Only when i've nearly finished it then did he break the news. Grrr.. so post- prandially, my thirst centre was stimulated and i had to keep drinking water! my lips cracked and after the huge intake of water, i had to piss so much. Dunno how i managed to drink the salty liquid! Watch out QY! u and me will become enemies!!! hahaha... only after i pass my driving will i be nice to you the bad role model!


1 more day to CA. chiong sexual reproduction now! argh!!!!!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

received news that i have a choice of doing a month of attachment instead of two. so i can have company when i go to europe now! however, more choices have opened and i'm put into another quandary. bridgette is inviting me to go to indonesia for tsunami restoration. i'm very tempted to go and that would put me back by 800 bucks. if i go ahead with the europe trip with friends, another 3000 would be gone. diving trip with windsurfing gang 500 bucks. so more spending of money when i'm earning a month less of pay. how how?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Shall try fasting tomorrow. Have never tried it before. I've eaten so much all my life that when i've stopped exercising, my belly is growing. not bad a belly actually... with long strands of hair to attempt to cover an otherwise naked surface. remember those days when i used to squeeze tummy into folds and see how many beef patties i could get in my hamburger belly. now he's back and piling on the patties, think the record now is four. patty no. 5 on the way. it doesn't help that the dean's office is having a buffet spread these 3 days and all of us can help ourselves to leftovers. they have not 1 meal but four meals a day!!! not sure if there was breakfast, but there was brunch, lunch, tea break and dinner! which is why i should fast tmr. it'll be hard on my first try... but it'll be good to train my discipline. fast and pray to make me a whole man. fast and pray to hold my belly growth.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

ok i know now it's time to work hard. but i need to settle some leisure stuff too! lynn and gang are going to europe in late may while selene and hanboon are going to phuket right after pros. so now i've no kaki to go europe with!

i need to go right after pros like maybe 18 apr onwards so that i can come back by pdcp which is in mid may. can't go in june or july cos i've got army attachment. so ANYONE INTERESTED TO JOIN THE LONELY BOY? i don't mind subsidising a bit if i can find just 1 partner. deciding between free and easy and contiki travels. can get ticket to london for 698 ++ from contiki by this fri 4 mar. so anyone up for it?????

those who are borderline in studies like me, we can pia right after ca for the entire month!