Saturday, June 21, 2003

tired of studying this?

how about studying this instead?
oh well another sucky day. need more hope in life.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Haven't really much to say. Only the norm like how i've wasted yet another day, and i'm so going to die for common test. Oh there was one good thing today. The lunch buffet which eugene treated was damn good! Loved the soft shell crabs and the succulent bouncy sweet and sour prawns! It was good to see him again, but didn't really talk to him. He talked mostly to ningyan. Oh well, just found out that I can't link photos from yahoo photos to this blog. That explains all the crosses! To think i spent so much time linking them! Sigh... Guess will have to load the pics up to a website like amandy said. Ok i shall give it one last shot to see if it works.

Hot girls kissing!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Ok added a few more stuff on my blog today. Wasted bloody lots of time. Shall go to sleep now. Thanks Bang and Timo for your invitation, but I'm studying in school which is nearer to home than the libraries the both of you mentioned. Yes so right now I shall just stick to the accompany of the hardcore brothers in school. Hope not to waste too much time on a topic tmrw. Cya tmrw bros!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

I need a study buddy!!! Someone who can motivate me when I get distracted. Anybody? I've less than 2 weeks left and I still can't study. I'm dead! Maybe I should stop going combined schools. Ok I think I will. I shall play one more match only. Yesterday's game was quite fun la. At least I know I'm not way lousier than my seniors in safsa. I still can drive them back and win a few balls. Maybe they were complacent too, seeing we were quite a screwed up team. I mean with forwards playing in our backs, which opponent wouldn't be? Those who were too scared to go down were whussies, letting the backs down, and causing team mates to be injured for nothing. Oh well but who really cares about combined schools? It quite a waste of time. Everyone's just aiming for the U-19 team at the end of the year.

Embassy 14 was ok, though I didn't enjoy myself at the start, it started to get better later into the night. My mum was surprising fine with me going. She said since it was once in a while it was fine and even gave me money for my taxi back. Drank my first tequila and thought it was ok only. $5 for a small shot certainly wasn't worth it and I thought it tasted like normal spirit. Nothing special but the salt lining the edge of cup. Didn't know I could order anything with my coupon. If Huilin had told me earlier, I would have ordered something special, like Bailey's Irish Cream which I so wanted to try or some cocktail. Oh well. The next time will have to be after A's, maybe post-prom party? It was quite interesting to see how guys use their dick to lead the way. Was dancing with kianleong, dickson, zhihon, sally and zhong yang when i noticed this group of guys ( i think ns boys) dancing round this trio of maybe j1 girls. When the girls moved they followed them. Just wanna try to take advantage of them. It didn't really bother me cos other groups of girls also had many guys surrounding them. But they kept pushing their way here and there and disturbing people dance as we had to make way for them. Anyway, danced til my knees were aching. Dunno how people can go clubbing so often, maybe they'll just get arthritis in the knees. And i certainly felt shit the whole of sunday. Felt really tired and lethargic. Woke up real early to go to church then slept the rest of the day. Didn't even study! So somebody please help me!! Study Buddy!!!

Yummy creamy bailey's!