Saturday, June 11, 2005

well... live to eat seems really stupid. make your life on earth so meaningless.
so i'll go with eat to live but eat with colour.

today's food review by d. h. hong-

Soba so good.
East to West Buffet.

Soba so good.
All Jap food lovers, this is the place for you to go. A soba specialty jap restaurant. When you reach the entrance, you are greeted by a long line of patrons waiting patiently for their seat in the restaurant. Large posters showing the health benefits of eating soba and the super friendly jap manager entertains you while you wait. The overly eager manager greets everybody, thanks all who have finished their meal, keeping his torso bent at 90 degrees as you walk out, speaks in jap to the jap patrons and speaks in fluent mandarin to all the chinese.

The food comes really soon after ordering so you won't have to wait long. Their entire menu is soba based. so you can have sashimi with soba, unagi soba, tempura with soba etc. I had a set which consisted of agedashi tofu with salmon, unagi and tempura soft shell crab and vege together with cold soba. The side dishes were good but I like the cold soba best. It's so cool, light and refreshing with seaweed and crunchy fried tempura flour bits which complement it. yummy! Well, they claim that soba is very healthy and it is a carbo which will not be converted to fat so you can eat it as much as you want! yea the next time i go there, i'll just have a plate of cold soba!

dessert was soba cubes eaten with brown syrup and soy bean powder. it was very interesting cos it came with a four pronged square shaped fork and a sieve ladle. so you dip the white cubes in the syrup and then into the powder and you get a chewy muah chee like dessert. but it's not heavy and it's healthy cos there is no oil unlike in muah chee. simple but addictive.

so the verdict.
service:4 munches
quality:4 1/2 munches
ambience: 3 1/2 munches
price: 3 munches

the restaurant is located opp spageddies, basement of paragon.

East to West Buffet
The hotel where it's located is no fantastic high class restaurant. when you enter, you'd think it's a budget hotel as the lobby is dark and the layout is definitely not modern. but let not the ambience affect the spread of food available. ok let me recall from memory. it has 4 major buffet spreads- WESTERN, STEAMBOAT, BBQ and ASIAN. western includes pizza, pasta, lasgne, lamb chops, sauteed potatoes, grilled salmon, grilled tomatoes, fresh oysters, cold prawns, mussels, salad, mushroom cream grilled cheese prawns, roast beef, pork ribs etc. steamboat- din really eat steamboat cos the other food were too good. just your normal steamboat stuff then. BBQ- chicken and mutton satay, chicken wings, lamb chop, stingray, sotong, baby lobster etc. asian- tempura, sashimi, nasi lemak, laksa, satay beehoon, crab, fried noodles, roast duck, roast pork, roast chicken etc. and for the sweet tooth there are choc eclair, ice cream, ice kachang, cakes, kuehs, bread and butter pudding, brownies and fruits. well ok not everything was fantastic, the pizza was terrible, pasta not very nice and the stingray tasted like ammonia. but the others more than made up for it. definitely worth your money.

service: 3 munches
quality:3 1/2 munches
ambience: 2 munches
price: 2 munches (about 32 bucks)

it's located at garden hotel at balmoral rd.

sorry no photos. forgot to bring it today. til the next food review.
d. h. hong out.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Exams are over for now. But i dunno what to do. anything interesting i should take up?

Went to camp today, after the study break i took. Thought i had enough of sitting down, getting bum sores from all the studying. but my officers had nothing for us, jit and i. did some nonsense statistic powerpoint, explored a bit of excel. then we had nothing to do! so listened to jit talk about the crappy things he does like taking up an online course by some dubious (which he claims) universal life church and getting himself ordained as a priest. So if anybody needs someone to do marriage ceremonies or excorcism (yes, chasing ghosts away!), go look for jit. he also found out that he could buy himself a phd and get conferred a royal british title like count or duke for just £300. hahaha... things people do to pass time.

and speaking about passing time. time passed sooooo slowly today. after lunch, decided we shouldn't be chatting in front of the doctors while they worked so we planted ourselves in the library. thought we would be uprooted to do some work, but hours passed w/o hearing anything from the officers. most people would be happy to just slack, but i was itching to do something useful. you know, just get out to do something, run, move my body, anything. so just read my book til i was tired. took a nap til my body was sore. then went online til the library closed and it was time to knock off. wow... and nothing interesting planned after work. so just eat, watch tv and get fat. hope tmrw will be better.
YOOHOO! I'm back!

watching LOST now. gotta say it's quite exciting. the lead actor is a doctor. totally calm, professional, intelligent and cool.
shit man. what is that thing? a dinosaur? plane crash one thing. man eating monster another. what's next?!!!!

niwae... been studying for supps. gotta say supps was totally uackukablea! ok i knew more stuff cos i actually studied more this time but the questions were not that easy. most can be found in the notes but not so straight forward. a couple had less definite answers and one totally not found in the notes. so all of us just left that 10 marks question blank. RNAi. siRNA. can't believe they tested us on something that was mentioned in a video in lt but not in the notes. they actually set a more difficult paper for us! from the way i see things are going, it's as if they want all of us to repeat the year or get out of sch. now.. as heard from prof jeya, supposedly even those who pass will have to go for viva next week. sigh.. really hope we don't have to. for now, i'll just not think about it and be optimistic!

seem to have isolated myself from the rest of the world so much that i feel so lost now. didn't know what to do after my paper. fortunately, chanced upon the m2s playing floorball. alas, my lungs had to give up on me. couldn't even last 10 minutes of running. breathlessness due to narrowing and blockage by phlegm. anyone got a cure besides inhalers?
finally saw the married med couple. asrie was one of the m2s playing and he was the best. he ran and changed direction so fast yet the ball stayed close to his stick like it was glued. his shots were accurate and deadly too. hmmm.. maybe my sports comm can include floorball in the next intra fac but ban asrie from playing? haha...

then got a lift from janice the reckless to town. whoa... never have i been a passenger of a reckless female driver. she's even more hiong than the craziest driver i know-dong. hahaha.. speeding, changing lanes so quickly, making an old lady cross the zebra crossing so fast by driving close to her. only a keen mind, quick reflexes and pure guts can allow you to do that. that is definitely not me. i'm a hum chee driver. hahaha

so walked around in town alone. quite sian this gss. din see anything i need or what. except for 1 thing which i planned to get if i pass my supp. but that shall remain a secret. yea ate at some pasta bar in taka which wasn't too good. n home. wow... what a great way to celebrate the end of supp. or maybe cos there is the impending viva or repeating of year 1. we'll see... we'll see.

LOST just ended. will surely watch next week's episode.