Saturday, December 27, 2003

I'm a surfer dude! wind surfing is so damn fun! but gotta say i'm the least talented among the others. was the last to be able to do self rescue and i kept falling off in the first lesson. you yi is a natural at windsurfing. he just got on it and started to surf when we were still struggling to balance. after lunch and in the 2nd lesson, all of us got the hang of it and could balance really well. the thing is we could go out but we couldn't go back. our good ole funny instructor, robert, had to use the power boat to rescue some of us back. there was one time when the wind was so strong, i surfed really fast, and i felt the sense of satisfactio welling up within me. i guess that's what's going to get me addicted. need to practise more so that i can go further out to the sea where there's stronger wind though i need to learn to come back or my poor arms will die doing the butterfly stroke. guys, next friday is a date!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

great weather yesterday. the sun was hot, roasting us til we're nice and crisp and dry, but relief came intermittently, which was well appreciated. large grey clouds covered the wide expanse of the sky, released their cooling, soothing droplets of honey and drifted away, allowing us to bake to a golden perfection. at last, we can feast on the baby back ribs of kevin kong.

miss monsoon season was kind to us as she refused to empty her load yesterday, allowing us to have an enjoyable time at sentosa. on a beautiful day like this and nobody brought a camera to capture the wonderful moments! sigh. what a pity. esp when dingyi and i volunteered to do what nobody dared to. we put our bodies at risk, in the hands of amateurs, so that they can fulfill their fantasies and derive pleasure from us. what a sacrifice! dingyi, we have survived the torturous times, and i'm glad to have known you. we can proudly say we are the sand buddies. we dared to be buried alive!!!!

volleyball, frisbee, soccer, american football, swimming, ogling. we did them all. what a wonderful day. and you can take what i say as that. there are no photos of evidence to show we are guilty of the above. case closed.

Monday, December 22, 2003

prom photos! the quality's not that good though cos the photos are scanned from the hard copy. the captions are not finished and i've more to upload!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

wah damn sian. my life's sian. that's it. nothing much to blog these days. just been going out and working out in school. nothing interesting. but somehow i've been hanging a lot with my cousin yiling and ah kong these days. maybe cos i've been going to her house as my cousins from canada are staying there and we keep talking about kevin kong and their vj friends. got to know my first few vj friends from them too.

last night went with them to centro for the inter-jc pageant event. got to say it was sucky! BIG TIME. made us wait for more than an hour outside then wait for another hour inside. and watching the damn sian pageant on the tv screen cos it was too freaking crowded in the relatively small place. incidentally, rj had no representative cos all of them didn't want to join, ok maybe that's why it's sian cos i've got nobody to support but that's not the only thing! most of the contestants cannot make it! either too short, or too gay, or act cool not cool. ok not like i'm the most good looking person, but the thing is, if these are the best from each jc, then it really is damn sad. i dont think that's the case. i guess the most good looking people just refuse to join.

anyway, last night stupid ah kong and my cousin kept trying to matchmake me to this girl. damn irritating. felt like killing them. ah kong, you good! all the girls you dont like and reject then pass to me is it? ass! after the event, we thought we'll have fun dancing but the music sucks! it was progressive trance and there was no variation, after a while, it began to feel damn sian. i dunno how people like such monotonous music. rnb is so much better! however, after drinking a little, and feeling a little high, we went to dance again. after all, didn't wanna waste money right? i spotted hamid and jerome and surya dancing up on the platform so i joined them and the others followed. we just danced and shouted and made a lot of noise. while dancing we could even see the beautiful view of the merlion from the window. this was just a short-lived fun. we went back to the comfy sofa, slacked a little and decided to leave, ending a crappy night. maybe it was just a lousy me on a lousy day.

ah kong! hope the sentosa outing is still on and can't wait for the boardsailing course on friday! going to sentosa for my cousin's wedding dinner now! yay!