Monday, June 04, 2007


On a bright and sunny Sunday, I decided to go watch the women's beach volleyball at Sentosa, and I had Vic Tak for company!

So in we went to the grandstand area, where we saw lots of spectators! There were those who were basking in the sun..

And there were those who were the centre of attraction not only because they were dressed in bright brazilian colours of green n yellow, but also cos they brought their cheers and noise makers to drum up the entire atmosphere!

Here's Vic and Huang Yi the linesman, who got us into the grandstand for free!!! Hurray for Huang Yi!


So the China team begins the serve for the 3rd-4th placing! Look carefully at the players! They all have abs!!!!

A powerful spike to win the point for the China team!
Good attempt to block the spike by brazil.. but alas they had to surrender the 3rd spot to China...

here's Huang Yi looking cool in shades as linesman for the match..

A cute Brazilian kid seen in the stands in between matches..

Brazil begins the serve in the finals! Look at the wonderful pose! :)

Spike and a block! Point for Brazil!

Beautiful pose in preparation for the serve...

Huang Yi doubling as the towel keeper..

In the end, in an electrifying final, Brazil overcame the gusty performance put up by the Chinese to emerge as Champions!

So the brazilians begin their samba celebrations! Look at the painted flag on the HUGE belly of the lady in white on the left! hahaha..

So CHEERS to a fun day at the beach! A feast for the eyes on a day with babes and sensational volleyball play!
It's a pity we din get to see the japanese volleyball team tho..
Can't wait for next year's to come! :)