Wednesday, January 21, 2004

book out day! shiok. the feeling is really good. as the army song goes, 'no more soc, no ippt, no more sergeant tekan me, all the doo da day'. yes army cheers and songs are playing in my head repeatedly! i'm being brainwashed! one check one check one check one. kekanan lurus! and all the malay commands. life in there is very rush and we are really the lowest life form in the bmtc. my sergeants are strict but are all jokers, like hokkien ping, wont hesitate to use vulgarities. i tell you, army has really a lot of vulgarities. even high ranking officers also teach us all the acronyms for vulgarities. shit better not say too much about such stuff, later kena charged and i'm dead. my oc will just choke slam me.

i got the cough and stuffed nose in camp, green phlegm in additon to fever, so i went on attn b status for 2 days. didnt' go for route march today. felt quite bad that my platoon mates had to go through it and i didn't. oh and white horse preferred treatment is no longer practised is bull shit. platoon 4 has white horse and their platoon is the slackest. never gets punished at all, while the rest of us always kena. the worst is p01, always kena punished. pity them. oh btw, i'm in hawk coy. but i may be downgraded. so i dunno if i'll be transferred out. but i dont want to, cos i think my company is very good. and i want to try ocs. sigh... i can only hope for the best.

ps pardon my language as it has degraded drastically.